Cultural Activities

Botswana is a country made up of many traditional tribes. There are possibilities to meet some of them and explore their culture. Among them are the oldest inhabitants of the region, the San or Bushmen. Spend some time with these fascinating people; learn about the incredible knowledge of their harsh semi-desert environment and how to survive in it. Join them on nature walks and witness them trance dancing and storytelling. You can combine this cultural experience with a top safari experience in Botswana.

Canoe Riding( Mokoro Cruises)

This will be the start of an amazing experience for you. Visiting the largest inland delta in the world - the Okavango Delta - in a really shallow 'canoe' called a Mokoro. The people who navigate these waters are called Canoe poolers on account of the long poles used to move you through the shallow waters. This is a two day trip that will take to some of the amazing Okavango Delta camps. I guess pictures will tell a better story than my words.

Boat Cruises

Boat Cruises could mean a lot of adventure and fun. When you have opted for a boat cruise this vacation you deserve to have a complete fun filled trip. While some of us look for exotic destinations that a cruise would take us to before booking a cruise, others are more curious to figure out the on-board activities the cruise provides.

Scenic flight

A Scenic flight is the most efficient in terms of time, and enables you to experience an aerial view, which puts into perspective the vastness of these wilderness areas. Get airborne over the Okavango for the ultimate experience. Flying 500 feet above the waters of the Okavango Delta gives you a great view of the largest inland delta in the world.

The flight is just under one hour from take-off to landing and as well as being great value for money it is also a brilliant photo opportunity. The best times for scenic flights are in the morning and late after


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