Moremi Game Reserve

Moremi, hunted by the Bushman as long as 10,000 years ago, was initiated by the Batawana tribe and covers some 4,871 km2, on the eastern section of the Okavango Delta. Moremi is mostly described as one of the most beautiful wildlife reserves in Africa. It combines mopane woodland and acacia forests, floodplains and lagoons. It is the great diversity of plant and animal life that makes Moremi so well known. The idea to create a game

reserve first originated in 1961 and was approved by the Batawana at a kgotla in 1963. The area was then officially designated as a game reserve in April 1965 and was initially run by the Fauna Conservation Society of Ngami land. Moremi was then extended to include Chiefs Island in 1976. In August 1979 the reserve was taken over by the Department of Wildlife and National Parks.

A further extension was added as recently as 1992 and now the reserve contains within its boundaries approximately twenty percent of the Okavango Delta.

How To Get There.
Travelling north-east from Maun, firstly along a fine full tarred road to Shorobe, then on a wide gravel road, a veterinary control fence is encountered - locally known as the buffalo fence, constructed to protect the flourishing cattle industry to the south from any diseases that may be carried by wildlife. Passing through the gate, a first glimpse of the reason that this is described as 4x4 country is obtained, as the deep sandy track ahead is in stark contrast to the previous road. After a short distance, a left hand fork in the track is taken, travelling through wildlife country of mophane and acacia woodland, interspersed by areas of open grassland.

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The water that flows under the bridge here (Third Bridge) looks clear, cool and inviting - but beware, crocodiles would welcome anyone foolish enough to swim! Care should be taken if filling buckets (safer to use the standpipe) or undertaking any activity close to the water. The third optional route from the south gate goes through the heart of the mophane forest for forty two kilometres (42km) to Xakanaxa. Here, once again, there is a public camping ground overlooking the edge of the delta. From Xakanaxa, a route can be taken to the north gate at Khwai, which is a distance some 45km, passing through a delightful area known as Hippo Pool, which is only 14km from the north gate. However, this road gets flooded when Khai river flows. Hippo Pool lives up to its name, as there is an abundance of those creatures in residence here. They can be viewed in comfort from an observation platform overlooking the pool. It was near here that the Bugakhwe people used to have their village, but, with the creation of the game reserve, they were moved in 1963 to their present location near north gate, which is known as Khwai Village. The village boasts a population of only about three hundred people. There are a few basic supply stores in the Khwai Village, which can be very useful if one runs out of something or would like the luxury of an ice cold drink! A few of these villagers have attractive basketwork for sale to visitors.

Why Moremi?

  • Variety of animal Spicies
  • most beutiful wildlife reserve


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